Our mission is to help and advice you in success with your business. Being an Personal Assistant for many years now, occasionally, I will get asked for advise. Mostly it’s for advise on how to get started. I’m happy you have trust in me and I am always willing to help out. That’s also why I created this page.

Here are some basic resources to help you get started:

If you're representing yourself as a high class escort, your website has to reflect this. A custom-designed website will not only set you apart, it can help you attract higher quality clientele. I have been working with Escort Web Design for nearly 15 years. They are reliable and consistently produce high quality web designs.

I’m a big believer in spending top dollar for advertising. Not only will advertising enable potential clients to find your website, they will also serve as an introduction to you. Don’t be shy about spending top dollar for the VIP sections, top ad placement, and even for banners on the advertising sites below. In the major cities you should be spending at least $400 or $500 on each site every month.

PHOTOGRAPGERSI’m also a big believer in high quality professional photographs, because that is where your client’s fantasy begins. Contact Me for photographers in your area.

Love’em or hate’em (and there are reasons for both), used properly TER will get you a lot of business, and also help you to verify potential clients.

VERIFICATION SITESOf course you will also want to be as safe as possible at all times. Verification is a must! These sites are not expensive and will not only help to keep you safe, they will also make your job much easier. Joining is a must!